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Synthetic Hair Maintenance
Before application, your own hair must be washed and completely dry. With any bonding technique, always start at the nape and work your way up to the crown. Prepare your equipment and Soft & Silky hair piece for use. Lastly, certain styles require different partitions. Decide on style before beginning.
The following are general washing and maintenance instructions for our synthetic products that the user can tailor to suit the specific style. Always ask your stylist for specific washing and maintenance instructions as different weave or braid procedures will determine proper care.
1 Detangle hair from ends to roots.
2 Wash in cool to lukewarm water with a mild shampoo. Never wash synthetic products in hot water as this might damage the fibers.
3 Follow with conditioner if desired. Rinse thoroughly in cool water.
4 Pat dry with a towel and let the hair air dry completely. Do not brush or comb when wet.
5 Styling is a snap since curly and wavy hair will curl back into position once completely dried. Also, remember to style only when the hair is completely dry. Do not blow dry or apply heat as this can permanently damage the synthetic fibers.
Other Tips
1 Stay away from braiding or weaving hair within two weeks of the last chemical application such as relaxants and colorants. The hair, which is already in a weakened state, may not be able to sustain the initial stress. The area around the hairline is especially sensitive.
2 For braided hair, pay close attention to the scalp by cleaning it with witch hazel or a similar product that has mild astringent properties. Hair should be conditioned underneath to prevent damage to your own hair.
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